Incorporating the IDA Desalination Plants Inventory

Welcome to is a groundbreaking business development and consultancy package from the publishers of Global Water Intelligence in association with IDA. It is revolutionising the ways in which companies work in the desalination sector, by bringing together a powerful set of analytical tools alongside an intuitive user interface.


How desaldata can help you
Download the IDA Desalting Inventory – a spreadsheet which catalogues desalination facilities contracted and under construction since 1945, based on over 25 years of annual industry surveys. Previously printed annually in book form by Klaus Wangnick, it was incorporated into DesalData in 2008.
Find planned and online desalination projects, plus desal news from countries worldwide using the zoomable map.
In-depth profiles of over 100 companies operating in the desalination sector
Exclusive profiles of specialist areas of desalination from Global Water Intelligence, plus the first four chapters of Desalination Markets 2010 – a complete reference to the dynamics of desalination industry including technologies, financing, and market drivers. Country profiles are also available to subscribers.
Search for UF/MF pretreatment installations within desal technologies.
How desaldata can help you
In this quarter’s webinar Christopher Gasson gives an updated forecast through to 2018 with a focus on the top 10 desalination markets. Also in this presentation the market drivers are discussed, looking at GDP growth, energy and metal prices and the effect that they have. Finally, there is talk of the need for new technologies to overcome some of the current challenges in the industry and how innovation is opening new markets for desalination.
Be your own consultant – make charts for presentations and get answers from desaldata’s catalogue of over 16,000 plants.

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15 Apr 2014 Bureau of Reclamation to fund desalination research

The Bureau of Reclamation is seeking proposals from universities, water utilities, private industry and others to address a broad range of desalting and water purification needs, according to a press release. Reclamation is interested in research that will…

15 Apr 2014 Consolidated awarded two Cayman desalination contracts

Countries Cayman Islands 10

Consolidated Water Co Ltd announced on 9 April 2014 a new contract to refurbish the Lower Valley desalination plant, which it built in 1997, and the extension of an existing contract to operate the North Sound desalination plant.…

15 Apr 2014 Alamagordo adds projects, hosts desalination contest

Three more desalination research projects have been added to the program being undertaken at the Brackish Groundwater National Desalination Research Facility (BGNDRF ) in Alamogordo, New Mexico, USA. According to the latest newsletter from the BGNDRF, the latest…

15 Apr 2014 Carollo to evaluate restarting Santa Barbara desalination

The City of Santa Barbara, California, has selected Carollo Engineers to complete a three-phase evaluation for the reactivation of the city’s Charles Meyer seawater desalination plant. The plant was deactivated in 1992, though the city has maintained the…

15 Apr 2014 Desalination Plant Said to Be Planned for Thirsty Beijing

Countries China 10

A coastal desalination plant planned for east of Beijing could provide a large portion of the drinking water for the parched Chinese capital by 2019, the state news media quoted officials as saying on Tuesday. The reports indicated…


3 Apr 2014 Gaza Desalination Plant

Fichtner began a 24-month technical advisory contract in January 2014, and is due to submit an…

3 Apr 2014 Majis desalination O&M

A request for statements of qualification has been issued, with a deadline of 14 April. An…

3 Apr 2014 Charles Meyer Desalination Plant refit, Santa Barbara, CA

Proposals have been submitted by the following consulting teams: 1) Carollo Engineers; 2) RBF/GHD; 3) SPI…

3 Apr 2014 White Mountain Titanium

The client is due to submit its responses to questions from the public on the EIA…

3 Apr 2014 Raymondville BWRO, TX

The project is at an early conceptual stage, but is hoped to be online by the…

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