Incorporating the IDA Desalination Plants Inventory

Welcome to is a groundbreaking business development and consultancy package from the publishers of Global Water Intelligence in association with IDA. It is revolutionising the ways in which companies work in the desalination sector, by bringing together a powerful set of analytical tools alongside an intuitive user interface.


Download the IDA Desalting Inventory – a spreadsheet which catalogues desalination facilities contracted and under construction since 1945, based on over 25 years of annual industry surveys. Previously printed annually in book form by Klaus Wangnick, it was incorporated into DesalData in 2008.
Find planned and online desalination projects, plus desal news from countries worldwide using the zoomable map.
In-depth profiles of over 100 companies operating in the desalination sector
Exclusive profiles of specialist areas of desalination from Global Water Intelligence, plus the first four chapters of Desalination Markets 2010 – a complete reference to the dynamics of desalination industry including technologies, financing, and market drivers. Country profiles are also available to subscribers.
Search for UF/MF pretreatment installations within desal technologies.
How desaldata can help you
Be your own consultant – make charts for presentations and get answers from desaldata’s catalogue of over 16,000 plants.

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2 Sep 2014 From concept to Reality

Today’s news that a membrane process employing forward osmosis has prevailed in a head-to-head competition with more conventional evaporator technology on a ZLD application was both predictable and surprising. It was predictable because growing brine disposal challenges have resulted in an avalanche of…

2 Sep 2014 It was 20 years ago today,Sgt Pepper taught the band to play…

On 25-26 August 1994, the National Water Research Institute (NWRI) and the Orange County Water District (OCWD) convened the first specialty conference on what was then a newly emerging water treatment process: Microfiltration. At the time, the water…

2 Sep 2014 Floating SWRO contends for water award

Buoyed by their selection as semi-finalists in the Future Technologies for Water (FTW) competition, a team of recent University of North Carolina at Charlotte graduates said that they are moving forward with plans to commercialize a wave-powered seawater desalination system within 12…

2 Sep 2014 BWRO to get ceramic UF pretreatment

Countries Saudi Arabia 10

Germany’s ItN Nanovation has been awarded a €1.3 million ($1.7 million) contract to supply its flat sheet ceramic membranes to Veolia Water’s VWS Saudi Industries for a new waterworks project at Al Quaiyah, east of Jeddah. VWS will design and build the…

2 Sep 2014 In Brief

It’s official: NanoH2O has completed the filing to officially change its operating name to LG NanoH2O. The company, which became a wholly owned subsidiary of LG Chemical when the sale was finalized on 30 April 2014, has also…

2 Sep 2014 In Brief

Asry, the Bahraini ship repair company, has reportedly awarded a 25-year BOT contract to the Las Palmas-based Inexa—in partnership with Gulf Marketing House—to upgrade and expand an existing 3,000 m³/d (0.8 MGD) SWRO plant to 7,000 m³/d (1.8…

2 Sep 2014 In Brief

CalDesal, the California desalination advocacy group, is accepting nominations for members of its Executive Committee. The eleven-member Committee is comprised of nine agency members, and two associate members are elected for two-year terms that commence on 3 December.…

2 Sep 2014 In Brief

4NRg, a UK-based R&D company, has been awarded a £42,000 ($70,000) grant from the SCORE program to upscale its prototype wave-powered seawater desal system. The unit will be ready for testing in 3-6 months. The SCORE program will…


22 Aug 2014 Cangzhou Bohai New Park Extension

22 Aug 2014 Cangzhou Bohai New Park Extension

21 Aug 2014 El Tarf

In late July, water minister Hocine Necib reiterated Algeria’s desire to build this planned SWRO plant…

21 Aug 2014 Oued Sebt

In late July, water minister Hocine Necib reiterated Algeria’s desire to build this SWRO plant using…

21 Aug 2014 Béjaïa

Faycal Reda Laraba, former chief executive of AEC, had announced the revival of the plant in…

12 Aug 2014 Santo Domingo Mine SWRO 2

12 Aug 2014 Santo Domingo Mine SWRO 1

11 Aug 2014 Gloucester CSG

The proposed plant forms part of AGL’s draft Extracted Water Management Strategy, which is currently under…

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